Question Bank
Question Bank
Multiple choice question bank preparation is important and must be done before building multiple choice test. It consists of two essential tasks, as below:
  1. Question bank organization,
  2. Create questions for question bank.
Question bank organization Proper Question Bank organization makes easy to populate questions within exams, aids in curriculum mapping, and promotes more effective student assessment. EMP proposed the following principle for question bank organization.
  • Each question bank is for one subjects
    Subjects like Math for grade 7, History for grade 7,...should have its own question bank.
  • Each subjects consists of multiple parts
    For example, Math for grade 7 consists of Numbers, Equations...
  • Each part consists of multiple chapters
    Equation part, for example, consists of Quadratic equation, Multinomial equations...
  • Each chapter consists of multiple topics
    For example, Quadratic equation may consists of simple and advanced problem solvings...
  • Each topic may have common inputs or assumption.
    Here below is an assumption about a storage strucutre.

    Following questions are based on the given assumption,
    001/ DOS command to remove the content of VANBAN folder
    a. del a:\*.*
    b. dir a:\*.*
    c. del a:\VANBAN\*.*
    d. del a:\VANBAN\*.txt
        del a:\VANBAN\*.doc
    002/ DOS command to copy file from root folder to GAMES folder
    a. Copy A:\*.* A:\GAMES
    b. Copy *.* A:\GAMES
    c. Copy A:\*.* GAMES
    d. Copy A:\ A:\GAMES
Question manipulation by topic
Multiple choice questions from each topic are edited seperately through Editor program. They are then saved in a seperate document (cloud version), or file (desktop version) with the extension emp. The followings show how to use emp file with Editor program.
  • Run Editor desktop program, or open EMP website then select Editor
  • For desktop version, select File / New to create new or, select File / Open to open an existing file.
  • For web version, select Select a document then choose an existing document or, right click then select "Create document: to create new one.
  • Do editing questions.
    • Editing of common inputs
      Like editing a question but the content should be at the top of the document.
    • Insert new question
      Select Insert / New Question or, "Insert quesion" button
  • Save the questions: Select File / Save
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