Test Program
Test program makes possible computer-based test using multiple-choice test database created by Editor, applicable for revision, practice and official test. When used in collaboration with the Server program, the Test program allows effective and securely local area network based test.
EMP Test
Program features
  • Computer-based test using multi-choice test database created by Editor.
  • Rich text GUI with advanced multi-media contents.
  • Built-in tools to support multi-media contents.
  • Automatic grading and reporting system.
  • Private and secured network connection using TCP/IP.
Program running modes
  • Practicing
    Allow test taker to practice at home with revision tests provided by teachers, self-learning from test results.
  • Computer-based test
    Allow computer-based test, reporting the result on screen when time is over.
  • LAN-based test
    Allow computer-based test over LAN, working with Server for test database and for reporting test results.
Helpful shortcuts
  • Activate media content:
    • Double-Click on object's top-left corner.
    • Or, press Ctrl+Enter
  • Screen capturing
    • Select "Capture" button:
    • Drag the screen area to be captured:
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