TiMaster Quiz Question Editor
TiMaster quiz question editor is more user-friendly and convenient than the prior versions of EMP, allowing writing multiple choice questions with rich text formats and media contents. The question bank is stored locally in TiMaster database, and is used to create multiple choice question test in form of paper-based, computer-based, and LAN-based; as well as sharing with TiTest app or other systems using SCORM standards across the Internet.
Question bank structure
TiMaster organizes question bank in a hierarchical structure containing parts, chapters, sections corresponding to the content structure of the training program. Each section item corresponds to a detailed evaluation content, that includes questions divided into groups and difficult levels.
  1. Steps:
  2. Select "Select document...",
  3. Use contextmenu commands for adding, deleting, and editing items in the structure,
  4. Select a section (document) for start editing questions.
Common / General information
Each document has common inputs or general information section which is placed at the beginning of the document (see the following picture), and is used as a reference content for questions of the document. If no information is provided, then the section is left blank.
Question editing
The following figure shows how to edit questions with TiMaster. Users do not need to remember all editing tags as with the older versions.
Please check this to learn how to build test using online test builder.
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