Editor Program
Editor is a powerful question editor allowing multiple-choice question creation in text editing environment. The question bank is saved in relational database and is used to build multiple choice test in various forms, including paper-based, computer-based, local area network based as well as Internet-based tests. From the 2018 version, Editor allows analyzing exam results, quality of exam questions and question bank, and at the same time determining indicators of students’ performance and the training institution.
EMP Editor
Special characters used in Editor
# Identification
*Beginning of a question
#A question choice, but not correct answer
$A question choice, but correct answer
@Question explanation.
@Non-permuted choice.
Attention: These special characters work only if they are in first position of the text line.
Editor's built test formats
  • ZMP format, to be used with Test program for computer-based test.
  • CMP format, to be used with cloud Test service for Internet-based test.
  • Printer : For paper-based test.
    • Printer preview and adjustment.
    • Answer key and answer sheets.
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