Text formats
  •  Text color: Select Format / Text Color or click
  •  Bold: Select Format/Bold or, click
  •  Italic: Select Format/Italic or, click
  •  Underline: Select Format/Underline or, click
  •  Strike through: Select Format/Strike Out or, click
  •  Super script: Select Format/Super Script or, click
  •  Sub script: Select Format/Sub Script or, click
Insert audio or video content
  • Select insetion location
  • Select Insert / Media Object or, click
  • Pick the audio or video file to insert
  • Do additional settings if needed by double-click on the object:
  • Common settings including number of times to play and the delaytime in seconds, which will used used later by the Test program when conducting computer-based test.
Insert essay question
  • Select question location.
  • Select Insert / Essay Object or, click
  • Double-click on the question, once inserted, to enter the question and question hint if provided, as followings
  • Under the first input box, please enter the question.
  • Close the dialog to confirm.
Insert image
  • From clipboard:
    1. Select image content.
    2. Select Copy or, press Ctrl + C.
  • In Editor:
    1. Select the location to insert.
    2. Select Edit / Paste, or click , or press Ctrl + V.
  • From file: Select Insert / Regular Object, then select From File
Insert symbols
  • Select the insert location.
  • Select Insert / Symbols or, click
  • Select the symbol to insert
  • Click the button Insert
Insert Object / Equation
  • Select Insert / Regular Object or, click "Insert Object",
  • Create new object: Select "Create New" → select object type from "Object Type" → select OK.
  • Create Object from file: Select "Create from File" → Browse for file → select OK.
Question group & level settings
  • Select the question.
  • Select:
  • Level setting: Question level varies from 1 to 15, set per user's own preferences
  • Group setting: Questions of the same group have the same group ID, indicated by a letter.
  • Other settings: (i) View: move to the question of selected ID. (ii) Set: apply settings.
Editor Settings: Select System / Editor Option
  • Media Content
  • Default settings for media content.
  • New Question
  • Default settings for new questions
  • Answer sheet
  • Printer settings for answer sheets.
  • Question number: Number of questions in answer sheets, set by using SysMenu / Print Sheet from Build Test.
  • Number of choices: Maximum number of choices each question. answer sheet.
  • Student ID length: Number of digits in student ID.
  • Language: Select language for answer sheet
  • Menu color
  • Menu color setting.
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