Server Program
Server program provides functionality features making possible effective and secure computer-based test using local area network. Using TCP/IP protocols, Server connects directly with Test units running on client PCs to carry out test database distribution, test supervision, and test result collection via network connection. With the ability of directly communicating through TCP/IP protocols, the standard communication protocols of Windows, the system of Server-Test allows conducting tests on any local area network without requiring any server services like File-Sharing, Sql server, Messaging, FTP and HTTP.
EMP Server
Program interface
  • Connecting Test: Carry out searching and connecting Test units running on the same LAN.
  • Server display a list of successfully connected test units that are ready for LAN-base test.
  • Stop connecting: To stop searching and update test unit list.
  • Reconnect: Check and reconnect with test units in the event of LAN problem.
  • Close connection: Stop connect with test units selected from the list.
  • Turn off Test: To stop connect and shutdown the PC running test unit.
  • Number of Tests: The number of test takers actually do LAN-based test.
Test preparation
  • Test database: To select test database file.
  • Test ID (from … to …): Select tests from test database to be used.
  • Password: Enter password for test database.
  • Test time: Duration for doing the test.
  • Direct connection: To allow Server to directly distribute test database to Test units.
  • Login using student ID: To allow Test units logging in for taking test using student ID. Student authentication will be handled by Server based on student database.
  • Question ratio: To allow Test to compute total grade using question ratios.
  • Display results: To allow Test to show final result to student when test time is over.
  • Start test: To start a test.
Test monitoring
  • Student ID scanner: To activate the built-in Scanner. Scanner provides functions for student ID scanning and cheking in.
  • Attention: TO send a warning message to selected Test units.
  • Stop: To earlier stop the test to selected Test units.
  • Timer: To turn on the clock on Test units.
  • Support: To provide help information for every command on Server GUI.
  • Lock / Unlock: To lock or unlock Server GUI using the password entered when starting Server.
End of a test
  • Revoke: To stop test and collect test results. Test units will show test results if permitted.
  • Save results: To save test results to database.
  • Stop show results: To turn off result display on Test units, switching to ready state.
Stop testing
  • Test sum: To synthetize the test results and generate completion report.
  • Remove database: To remove test database on local storage of the PC running Server.
  • Upload database: To load data from Server database to institutional database.
  • Quit: Shutdown Server program. All Test units should be disconnected before using this command.
In an event of network problem
  • Recovery: To recover test session in the event of a problem like electricity power shortage.
  • Auto backup: To make Server ready for recovery.
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