Quiz Test Builder
TiMaster Quiz Test Builder is pretty user-friendly and convenient, allowing to build test using the existing question bank. Built tests can be saved to files in PDF or MS-Word format, or exported to zmp database to be used with the TiTest app for computer-based or smartphone-based self-test; or for LAN-based test with TiMaster program.
How to Test Builder
TiMaster Test Builder makes easy the selection of questions from question bank as well as the test configuration (please see the picture above). Tests will be generated on selection of Build Test command.
Review & Export built tests
Users can review and edit test title for their educational institution before exporting the tests. In paper-based test mode, the edited content will be update the answer key (for the grader) and answer sheet (for test takers) too. Please find below a test sample in PDF format for paper-based test.
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