We can build multi-choice test using question bank, which is stored in various "emp" files or in cloud, and conduct the exam in different forms. Test building process includes:
Test structure or layout
Determine which parts, chapters and topics to be included.
  • Which parts, chapters, and topics?
    For example:
    TOEFL test includes Listening A, Listening B, Listening C, Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading1, ... Reading 5.
    IT for 7th grade includes: DOS Built-in commands, Pascal programming.
  • Number of questions
    How many questions for each part, chapter, topic; and of which how many questions are of level 1, level 2...
  • Grading ratio for question level
    Grading ratio will help to determine how grade earned from each question contributes to the test total grade. For example, questions of level 1 have grading ratio of 1, and so on...
  • Maximum total grade
    Maximum total grade needs to be set due to different grading systems. It also allows the system to compute total grade a student earns from working with objective part in the test. Other parts of the test, essay for example will be graded by teachers.
  • Test format
    Choose the test format.
Test Builder using Editor
  • Run Editor program
  • Run Build tool
  • Select System / Build Test... or, click
  • Select test format
    • To file: Export built test to file for computer-based test. Files are saved in the folder chosen by 'Save Test'
    • Preview: Preview test content before printing
    • Printer: Print test content
    • HTML: Export test content in HTML format
  • Selection of question bank files
    It is done in the order of test structure or layout. For example, selection of files for the IT test of 7th grade is as followings: Step 1: Select file for part 1
    • Select Question Bank file
    • In the open file dialog, select the file.
      Its possible to select more than one file.
    • Select Open
    • From the list of selected files, select the title item
      Select the number of questions from selected files:
    • Select OK
    Step 2: Similarly, select question bank files for the 2nd part: Cau lenh cau truc cua pascal.emp. Then set the number of questions each level. Finally, select OK.
    ... Repeat step 2 if there are more parts required for the test.
  • Set the number of tests to be built, test time and grade
  • Test sections
    Computer based test allows display the entire test content or by sections.
    For the above example:
    • Test content will be shown in two sections. Section 1 consists of questions #1 to #3, sections consists of questions from #4 to #15.
    • Test time for section 1 and 2 is 6m and 19m respectively.
    • Questions are numbered from 1 to 15.
  • Foreign language test settings
    Foreign language test building, TOEFL for example, requires additional settings on media contents such as play time, playing times and automation.
  • Grading ratio
    Select ratio and do settings, then select OK.
  • Test content optimization
    For paper-based test, this option helps saving printing paper and ink.
  • Do building tests
  • Print answer key and answer sheet
Creation of answer key and answer sheet
Answer key Answer sheet
  • Answer sheet - how to?
    Student ID: 162393243 to be filled as above.
  • Student's answers
    Student answers by filling the answer sheet properly and completely. Please check the following image.
    1. Question #1, properly done.
    2. Questions #2 to #4, improperly done.
    3. Questions #5, cheating.
Answer sheets will be graded manually or by using MarkScanner program.
Test content optimization
Here below is an example of test content optimization:
Question before content optimization....
a) Choice #1
b) Choice #2
c) Choice #3 ...
Question after content optimization....
a) Choice #1 b) Choice #2 c) Choice #3 ...
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