Windows Programing with MFC
EMP was developed using C ++ programming language. C++ is known as one of the most powerful programming languages ​​thanks to its ability to deploy software at different levels; from the system level to the application level, from structural programming to object-oriented programming, from algorithm-based programming to Artificial Intelligence programming, from database programming to knowledge base programming...
Whenever a programmer wants to implement his scientific and artistic ideas on computer, C++ is the thing to think about first.
About the Author's VC++ book
This book was written based on the author's programming experience, without recompiling or copying any material of the same type, accompanied by illustrative program source codes. Having been self-experienced with this language and programming environment, the author well understands the difficulties a beginner has to deal with when approaching a new problem, especially those who are self-taught. This book is made to get you started and become familiar with Windows programming and OS environment, applying object-oriented programming techniques using VC++, and effectively exploiting the MFC library, to grasp the basics and step by step enter this wonderful world through application examples arranged in the right order of progression. Books and samples can be downloaded from the 'Software download' section.
Due to cross-platform trends these days, we no longer use MFC for EMP.
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